Create Lead Trader

Lead MT account


1 Successful establishment of the follow, your account will automatically open/close positions as per the leader account’s strategy. Ensure you deposit/transfer funds and manage positions to handle market changes.

2 Please check the copy trading mode and fee settings of the leader account before applying. The fees will be automatically deducted from your account once the application is approved.

3 After submitting the application, we will need 1-2 working days to set it up for you. Please be patient.

4 Account copying is only available for accounts of the same type (US Cent accounts are temporarily not supported for copying), and the leader account must be registered on this platform.

5 if you want to cancel account copying, please contact customer service for assistance. After account copying is stopped, you can check it in the transaction history.

6 Risk Warning: Past performance does not guarantee future investment results. Please do not overly rely on account copying trading and be prepared for fluctuations in portfolio value.

7 Disclaimer: Account copying trading is not associated with this platform.